This project was planned after talking with the media specialist and classroom teacher to reinforce Social Studies Unit 2 Communities Near & Far that includes research skills, map skills, and technology skills. Their technology project will be a brochure created in a Microsoft Word and they will use Culturegrams for their research.

Key Technology Vocabulary:

*Microsoft Word
*font/font size
*word art
*text box


I brought in my passport and showed it to the students using the document camera and shared with them places that I've visited. We discussed what a passport was, who needs one, and what is it used for. Many students shared about traveling to other countries because we have a very diverse population.


Lesson Notesheet:

The students took notes about their country after exploring Culturegrams. They learned how to use the text to speech feature in Safari. They learned how to cite their source and how to write a persuasive sentence convincing someone to visit their county.

(this was completed in 2 (1 hour) class periods)

Lesson Brochure:
Template in Microsoft Word: (this took about 3-4 class periods)
There were a lot of technology skills involved with this lesson. The students learned how to use Word Art, type in text boxes, undo a mistake, copy and paste, change font size/style, drag in images from a website, use spell check.



I showed this Animaniacs video called Yakko's World downloaded from You Tube. The character, Yakko, sings all of the countries of the world very quickly and the kids loved it and asked me to play it again. We shared what countries everyone picked for their project.

For closure on the following weeks, we shared some interesting facts they learned or words from the language spoken in their country. They passed around their brochures for their peers to look at.

*The brochures are going to be displayed at the Enrichment Fair on May 19th.


1. Use Google Earth to locate your country and some natural and human-made features. Save images from Google Earth and put them in a folder.

2. Students visited websites about geography and play review games